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Niner Bikes @ Rockets & Rascals.

Niner Bikes @ Rockets & Rascals.

We are pleased to announce that we are now an Authorised Dealer for NIner Bikes for 2017. Niner were at the forefront of the 29er revolution and even when doubt was in the air on whether a new wheel size was needed they stuck by their guns! Coming into 2017 Niner is a highly respected brand within the cycling world and produce some of the finest 29er mountain bikes out there. Niner is not your run of the mill brand, built in fairly small numbers compared to the big guns like Trek or Specialized but thats what makes them more special. If your after that next bike on your list and want something your mate doesn't have or the guy down the road, take a look! Along side the range of MTB''s they have a Gravel Bike, the RLT 9, perfect for those on and off-road adventures.

We will receive our first big delivery of MTB's and Gravel Bikes around late January after the launch if the new 2017 colours etc. We've already taken orders so pop by and speak with the team about your New Year Treat!

Check out the link below for more tech, carbon and drooll away in your own home :)

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