The ultimate power-wheeling, bump-chewing sidekick

It's the bike that Santa Cruz fans have been asking for since the release of the Nomad 4 ("Cool, but where's the 29" version?"); Riders who recognize the benefits of the bigger wheels on their local trails, as well as racers who need something that'll cover ground and smooth out the madness of race courses the world over.

The Megatower has an interesting family tree. You could trace its roots the Hightower, a bike that our own EWS team (Mark Scott and Iago Garay), keen to eke a little more out of the original, raced using links that pushed the travel to 146mm. It was from this demand for more that we developed the Hightower LT, which has an entirely different rear triangle and links to bump it up to a race-rig worthy 150mm.

Santa Cruz Megatower

Conversely, the Megatower could be said to be derived from the mighty V10. The lower link-driven VPP suspension that originated from the downhill machine has been migrating through our trail bike range starting with the Nomad and followed by the Bronson last year.


Santa Cruz Megatower

Whichever way you look at it the Megatower is the fusion of big wheels and the biggest-hitting suspension system. The result is a modern day brawler that's suited to globe-trotting, any terrain, nothing-held-back race formats and is the ultimate power-wheeling, fire-breathing sidekick for riders the
world over wanting to conquer their hometown trails.

Santa Cruz Megatower


Wheel Size: 29"

Size Range: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Materials: C and CC carbon

Rear Travel: 160mm, Front Travel: 160mm

Suspension: Lower-link mounted VPP

Dropout flip chip allows 10mm chainstay length adjustment

Lower link flip chip for geo adjustment (-/+ 3.5mm BB height) - preserves BB height for "over-forkers" and allows even the most sensitive riders the ability to fine-tune their ride.

76-degree seat tube angle

Fits water bottle and piggyback shock

Leverage curve designed to work with coil or air shocks

Metric sizing; works with bearing shock eyelet

Shock fender, shuttle guard, downtube protector, and ribbed chainstay protector

ISCG-05 mounts

36T chainring clearance

Lifetime warranty on frame, bearings, and Reserve wheels

  • C R £4,499
  • C S £5,399
  • C S Reserve £6,599
  • CC XO1 £6,599
  • CC XO1 Reserve £7,699
  • CC XTR Reserve £8,399
  • CC XX1 AXS Reserve £9,499
  • CC frame only £3,299

We will have a Demo bike arriving any day now, call the store for more details.

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