// E-Bikes are right here, right now.

We regularly hear people say that E-Bikes are cheating, its not real cycling or they're for old people only! None of that is true, in fact it's far from the truth and E-Bikes are here to stay so let's embrace them. Let's clear up a few misconceptions, you have to pedal your electric bike, they are not twist and go like a moped, you have to pedal to make the motor kick in, stop pedalling and the motor stops. The term is pedal assist. Unreliable - not at all, yes if you pay peanuts for an electric bike, how do say, 'you get what you pay for'!
They're heavy - yes and no, yes they are lot heavier than a traditional bike because of the motor and battery but as technology is developing both of these items have got smaller and lighter. The weight is noticeable if you're planning on lifting it onto the roof of your car but when you're riding the bike the extra power from the motor more than cancels out the extra pounds.

These bikes allow you to go further and perhaps faster than you normally would otherwise. You can explore further afield or ride with people who'd perhaps would normally leave you behind.

Commuting can be a stumbling block if you're thinking of ditching the car. An E-Bike will allow you to arrive at work fresh and not hot and bothered or drenched in sweat. Beat the drivers sat in the sam old traffic jam with a smile on your face and put some extra exercise points in the bank all on the way to work, it might even gain you an extra 10 minutes in bed!

If your new to cycling or intimidated by the thought of lycra clad racer, returning from injury or maybe an illness then an E-Bike could be the answer in getting you out on the road or trail near you.

We carry a selection of Scott E-Bikes, something for a jaunt along the promenade to Bournemouth or for the more adventurous theres hardtail and full suspension Mountain Bikes. Why not demo one of our test bikes, just pop by or give us a call to arrange your maiden voyage aboard a E-Bike. Please feel free to pop by the store to discuss your E-Bike requirements and find out more about the future of biking.

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