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  • Hope F20 Pedals
  • Hope F20 Pedals
  • Hope F20 Pedals


Hope F20 Pedals



The Hope F20 Flat Pedals are a best selling flat pedal that are light weight and durable, featuring replaceable pins, high-strength axel and body in a range of colours to match your bike! These mountain bike pedals that have been CNC machined from T6 Aluminium alloy and finished with an anodised cost that gives it a smooth and vibrant finish whilst improving strength and durability for mountain bike riding. 

The Hope bike pedal continues with the high strength theme with the heat treated and plated Cr-Mo axle that keeps the core of the pedal strong whilst riding.

Hope F20 Flat Pedal Features

  • Featuring a slightly concave shape that is supported by one Norglide Bush for better performance out on the trails.
  • 3 cartridge bearings with fully sealed chambers ensure that the pedal runs smoothly at all times and helps to keep dirt from getting in the nooks and crannies.
  • Replaceable Hollow pins offer amazing grip
  • Axle is high strength Cr-Mo, heat treated and plated
  • Pedal platform is CNC machined with a slight concave for stability
  • Pedals run on three cartridge bearings and a norglide bush for smooth long term durability
  • Weight: 390g per pair

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