Santa Cruz Highball X Shimano X Hunt

Built with an SLX groupset, Rockshox Sid forks, and rolling on Vittoria rubber - this Santa Cruz Highball is an XC we...

Santa Cruz Nomad X Burgtec Toxic Barbie

We blinged up this Santa Cruz Nomad with some Burgtec Toxic Barbie finishing kit to match the decals on the bike; con...

Santa Crux Hightower X Reserve X Sram AXS

Built with a beefy Rockshox Zeb fork, Sram AXS GX Drivetrain and Reserve wheels, this Hightower is the ultimate do it...

Santa Cruz 5010 X Sram X Crankbrothers

Not just a jib bike! We built up this Santa Cruz 5010 frame onto a set of plush Rockshox Pike Ultimate forks, rolling...

The Ultimate Adventure Bike - Santa Cruz Chameleon

We worked with the customer to spec and build this very unique and cool little hardtail. The customer wanted somethin...

Santa Cruz Blur TR with T-Type Sram

Santa Cruz Blur TR featuring SRAM GX AXS T Type groupset and Reserve 28 Carbon Wheels  

Staff Build - Jack's Santa Cruz Megatower

Built for the mountains - Jack specced this bike up to handle the roughest of trails and biggest of sends, such as Fo...
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